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We are making interdisciplinary connections through project based learning and culturally relevant content. 

ALMA is Spanish for “soul” and the acronym for Avansando Lectura y Matematicas pormedio del Arte (Advancing Literacy and Math through the Arts). ALMA is a partnership between the Bruce-Guadalupe Community School, the United Community Center, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Latino Arts, Inc. The aim of this project is to increase student achievement in literacy and math through the integration of culturally appropriate standards based arts into reading, language arts and math.

Thank you to the Mary L. Knoll Foundation for supporting the artist visits!

ALMA allows for classroom and art teachers to collaborate and design units of study allowing the information to flow and connect between the reading, math and art classes. Students and teachers work with visiting artists through the Latino Arts Gallery, which adds a dynamic strength you can't get anywhere else!

This years artist: Ximena Soza and Rafael Francisco Salas.

The ALMA program will have its fifth show in Latino Arts Gallery in Summer 2017, Big Idea V: Engage and Persist, come in and see all the beautiful work!

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        Mrs. Navarro                 Ms. Hobday

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Mr. Lovo and the middle school ALMA team were selected as recipients of the 2014 College Board Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts, in the category of arts integration!


"The selection committee was immensely impressed with the approach to the arts integration demonstrated in the ALMA curriculum, noting that cross-disciplinary connections in your sample lesson promoted deep rigorous thought among students. They further appreciated that the idea-based curriculum was focused on cultivation studio habits of mind in addition to specific artist techniques; through this approach, art is truly a tool for thoughtful investigation of big idea. In addition, although Bruce Guadalupe Community School has won the Art Integration category, it was further noted that your application provided meaningful links to the other two categories, Civic Engagement and Equity through Arts. The work of the ALMA program is truly exemplary, and we are proud to support the continued growth and development of such initiatives." - Amy Charleroy, Director of Arts, Office of Academic Initiatives

To look back at program highlights, visit our Past ALMA News & Programming page.

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