Art Therapy

Art therapy is a way for clients to examine their thoughts, feelings and actions. Through the art process or directive, it is important to explore emotions and be truthful and honest. The images give clients a way to take a closer look inwards and examine relationships with the world and the people in their lives. The art therapy process is provided to help establish clients' best road to the healing process and recovery.

The Art Therapy program runs throughout the year, and benefits the clients because it has an environment free of judgment that gives them the confidence to be themselves and express emotions they can't verbalize, ultimately providing clients with a sense of self-esteem and self acceptance.

For two weeks during the summer of 2009, clients of UCC's Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Treatment Program had the opportunity to reveal their recovery progress through a colorful and expressive Art Therapy Exhibition in the Latino Arts Gallery called "Expressions of Addiction." The exhibit was complete with paintings, collages, masks and other art pieces inspred by feelings and emotions expressed by clients during their recovery. Being given the chance to display their pieces in this public environment had a positive effect on the clients' recovery process by providing them with an opportunity to take pride and gratitude in their accomplishments within the program and gain self-awareness.

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