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Alexander, Pre-K Program

Prior to attending four-year-old kindergarten at UCC, Alexander had no school experience. When he first started he was very shy, would stand by his cubby, and cry every day. He needed a lot of redirection to follow the classroom routine, play with peers, and how to verbalize what he was saying.

As the year went on, Alexander grew accustomed to the school and classroom environment. Alex flourished as he learned how to use his words to express himself more. During the morning drop off, Alex no longer cried, but instead, he walked into the classroom with a huge smile on his face. Alexander gave the teacher hugs almost every day and asked, "How are you?" with a happy face. His parents were a great support in his education journey, especially when he had to transition into online learning. They are hands-on with Alex’s classwork and activities.

The connection Alex had with his teachers is just one of the inspirations that motivates UCC’s dedicated educators. To see him grow into an independent, smart, and loving human is what our teachers desire for every student that walks in their classroom. Alex encompasses all of those traits plus so much more!