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Amando, Early Learning Academy

Amando is one of UCC’s youngest learners at UCC’s Early Learning Academy (ELA). The ELA focuses on early childhood education that provides care, nutrition, and academic activities for children as young as six weeks old. His parents enrolled him in the program because they needed child care services that provided an emphasis on nutrition and health due to Amando’s special dietary needs.

Amando was lactose intolerant and received the majority of his daily meals at the center. His dietary needs and allergies were posted and noted by the kitchen and classroom staff and the menu was changed according to his needs. Amando’s teacher made up little games during mealtimes to encourage all the children to eat and promote inclusion, even if some of the foods were different. Amando’s teachers shared with his parents’ daily reports and created a bond between the program and the parents. One of his teachers kept watch on Amando’s food intake at school in collaboration with his parents at home and the information gathered was then shared with the family’s pediatrician.

Amando continues to grow in the wonderful environment that the ELA provides. Amando’s teachers are excited about his growth and are happy that he is healthy and growing thanks to the care of this parents, the ELA staff, and his diet.