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Johanna, Summer School & Summer Recreation Program

Prior to enrolling in Bruce-Guadalupe Community School (BGCS), Johanna attended a school where she experienced bullying. As a result of the bullying, Johanna kept to herself as much as possible and was quite reserved. When her brother enrolled at BGCS, Johanna’s parents transferred her as well. She started her first year at BGCS as a third-grade student.

During the summer prior to the start of the school year, Johanna participated in BGCS’s Summer Academic Program and UCC’s Summer Recreation Program. This worked out well for both Johanna and her parents because it gave her an opportunity to get acquainted with the school and her classmates, and it also allowed Johanna’s parents to work their normal hours without having to worry about finding someone to take care of Johanna and her brother.

From the very first day, Johanna absolutely loved the Summer Academic and the Summer Recreation Programs. Throughout the five-week Summer Academic Program, Johanna was able to practice and strengthen her reading, writing, science, and math skills.

During the Summer Recreation Program, which followed the Summer Academic Program, Johanna was able to participate in a variety of exciting educational activities, such as taking field trips to the Milwaukee County Zoo and swimming at the pool.

She was also able to participate in science projects and talent shows, all while interacting and making friends with the students from her grade. As a result of this five-week program, Johanna felt right at home in her new school and was eager to start third grade.

As her first year at BGCS came to a close, Johanna made even more friends and became much more outgoing. She enjoys the variety of subjects offered at BGCS including art, computer, music, and gym class. Johanna’s teachers also enjoy having her in their classes and describe her as a very responsible and compassionate student.