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Juanita, Elderly Programs

Before Juanita participated in the elderly programs at UCC, her son’s family decided to move in with Juanita because she was declining due to dementia. They were worried she could no longer live on her own for health and safety reasons. Through research and recommendations from nurses and family members, Jaime and his family decided to enroll Juanita in the Adult Day Center at UCC.

UCC has helped Juanita to maintain stable health with the different activities that occur regularly at the center. She remains mentally active by viewing her peers dance, sing, create artwork, and interact with one another. While Juanita is not verbally responsive, her health has not declined and she visually appears to be enjoying her experience.

The Adult Day Center has made it much easier for Juanita’s family because they know that she is at a place where the staff care for her and are always focusing on her wellbeing and happiness. Her family really appreciates the care and attention the staff places on Juanita and are glad UCC can provide the programs and services the community needs. It’s has been a great relief to her son to know his beloved mother is safe and happy despite her health challenges.