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Kelaia, Pre-K Program

Prior to entering three-year-old kindergarten, Kelaia did not know any English because her family had recently moved to Milwaukee. The first three months of school were frustrating for Kelaia as everyone was speaking a language she was unfamiliar with. She struggled to sit still at storytime because she didn’t understand what her teachers were saying and got distracted. However, when Kelaia's teacher gave her directions in Spanish, she would follow them.

With the help of her friends and teachers, Kelaia continued to build on her English skills. There would be times when her teacher would be teaching a lesson in English and Kelaia would be confused because she couldn’t understand. Her teacher began to interpret the lesson in Spanish for Kelaia and little by little, Kelaia started to pick up on English words. As Kelaia understood more English, her behavior and skills also continued to improve.

By mid-March, Kelaia was fluent in English and continues to practice her new skills at home as she transitioned into distance learning.