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Kelly, Human Services Programs

Kelly describes her upbringing as a “chaotic, angry home environment.” She felt like an outcast everywhere, at home or at school. She was exposed to alcohol and drugs by family members and became addicted. Kelly attempted to get sober several times before she decided to enroll in UCC’s Residential Treatment.

When she entered the program, Kelly noticed that UCC’s Human Service was different. The program gave participants the freedom to make their own choices. Kelly said, “Having the freedom to make our own choices and empowering us to make better choices for ourselves was something that helped shift my perspective for life.” Kelly really enjoyed participating in group activities because they kept her busy. She disliked having individual free time but learned that individual free time was proposedly scheduled so that she could find ways to entertain herself without falling into old patterns.

Kelly is grateful to have her counselor and the rest of the program staff help her. She described the staff as welcoming and empathetic, which made the whole experience easier and more comfortable. Kelly has been sober for over two years and currently has a great job and lives together with her children. Most importantly, Kelly has gained true serenity with herself.