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Rafael, Latino Arts Strings Program

Rafael is a participant of the Latino Arts Strings Program (LASP) and through his music instruction, Rafael has been able to develop strong self-confidence and perseverance despite any circumstance that he may face.

The Latino Arts String Program embraces all students and builds a musical family that supports each other musically, academically, and socially. Rafael thoroughly enjoys being with his LASP family and friends and has found it to be a very supportive community that is proud to see him succeed.

The LASP has provided a solid platform for Rafael to develop a strong work ethic as a person and a vibrant passion for the arts as the young artist that he is. Furthermore, the support Rafael received from the staff and students in the program has developed his personal character and self-confidence. If it were not for this support system integral to the LASP, Rafael would have not discovered his potential and his love for music.

Recently, Rafael starred in On the Wings of a Mariposa, a First Stage play in which the LASP contributed musically. Rafael’s endeavors have been a fantastic success and thus, have fostered an even stronger positive self-confidence and desire to develop his ability through the process and hard work. Rafael is inspired by his LASP instructors and thanks to them for teaching him to believe in himself.