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Substance Use Treatment Program

The Human Services Department at the United Community Center was founded in 1979 in response to increasing demands for bilingual and culturally competent programs for Hispanics and other minorities with alcohol and drug use problems. UCC is the only bilingual/bicultural substance use disorder (SUD) treatment program in Wisconsin that provides the entire continuum of care for SUD services for Spanish speakers. It's also the only public sector SUD treatment program in Milwaukee with a complete continuum of care and trauma-informed dual-diagnosis-capable mental health outpatient for both men and women.

UCC is the only treatment site that serves as a Central Intake Unit (walk-in assessments) for Milwaukee County's public sector substance use delivery system. We offer a client-centered approach to help clients reach their goals of recovery and mental health

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Our Philosophy

We want to empower and educate our clients while supporting them so they have the ability to change their situations. We want to aid our clients in regaining the capability to take care of themselves and others to build up their confidence and happiness on a physical and emotional level.

All treatment programs are certified by the state of Wisconsin for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. UCC is also a network service provider for the Milwaukee County AODA Bureau and various insurance HMO carriers.

For more information, contact us at (414) 643-8530.