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Homebuyer Counseling

*We are excited to announce that the UCC FREE Homebuyer Seminars are beginning in-person starting in June!

Homebuyer Group Seminars

  • Learn the process of buying a home
  • Get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan
  • Earn a homebuyer certificate
  • Learn about grants
  • Download the schedule below

It is mandatory to take Session 1 and Session 2 to receive a homebuyer certificate. Seminars are free, take place from 6–10 p.m., and are held in Café el Sol in the United Community Center (located on 1028 South 9th Street, Milwaukee).

For more information regarding the homebuyer seminars, please call the United Community Center at (414) 384-3100 or email the program coordinator

Homebuyer Group Education

UCC holds monthly homebuyer seminars for potential homebuyers. The seminars are provided in two parts:

  • Part 1: Credit and Budgeting
  • Part 2: Home Selection

The instructor of the seminars is a trained bilingual counselor with 15 years of experience in helping first-time homebuyers with purchasing homes. Each 4-hour workshop is conducted on site at the United Community Center. 

Individual Homebuyer Counseling

After completing the education courses, UCC's program coordinator can provide one-on-one counseling to potential homebuyers to prepare and guide them through the process of purchasing a home while becoming pre-qualified for a loan. The program coordinator provides families with the following services:

  • Solving problems with key elements of home ownership
  • Credit management and budgeting
  • Analyzing qualifying factors for a mortgage application
  • Considerations in identifying a potential home to purchase
  • Working through issues arising during the application process
  • Working through issues arising during a loan closing

Individual Homeowner Counseling

Our program coordinator also provides one-on-one counseling to current homeowners. We assist current homeowners obtain refinancing and financial assistance for home improvements or to help prevent foreclosure actions. Additionally, the program coordinator provides families with credit management and budgeting.

Please call, visit, or email the program coordinator to learn more about our program and the dates of our upcoming Homebuying Seminars or Home Improvement Workshops.

Walker Square Neighborhood Development Initiative

Building and Stabilizing the Community

The Walker Square Neighborhood Development Initiative began in 1994 as an effort to increase neighborhood stability. An intensive and comprehensive housing improvement and neighborhood-development strategy was implemented to combat neighborhood crime, blight, and low home-ownership rates.

The program has helped increase the percentage of homeowners in the target area from 40% to nearly 80% over the last 10 years. Primarily focused on assisting individuals and families purchasing their first homes, the program also provides the support and resources these families need to stay in their homes.

The Walker Square Neighborhood Development Initiative has had a stabilizing effect on the neighborhood and improved the quality of life for many families in the area. Since 2003 the program has closed 465 houses for a total of $50.2 million in property values. Each year, UCC hopes to grow the program and help even more first-time homebuyers.

Through the Walker Square Neighborhood Development Initiative, UCC aims to:

  • Continue to improve home-ownership rates
  • Reduce crime in the community
  • Increase property values
  • Increase economic vitality
  • Stabilize the neighborhood

Most importantly, through this effort, we hope to improve the quality of life for our families!

For more information about the Walker Square neighborhood, visit