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Programa un Nuevo Amanecer (A New Dawn Program)

This program helped identify, educate, and provide free individualized case-management services to address the growing epidemic of late-life depression within the Hispanic population. Services were provided to Latino seniors aged 60 years and older who were experiencing symptoms such as sadness, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, increased irritability, changes in appetite, and increased fatigue.

The case managers monitored the patients' progress as well as the effectiveness of the medications and other treatments to ensure patients showed improvement. This approach produced an almost 50% reduction in depression symptoms over traditional care models.

We wanted to provide education that empowered the patients to become active in their own care and also support the role of the primary care provider by offering proactive follow-up regarding patient response to treatment. Our work, as a team, included the patient and primary caregiver.

This program was presented in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and IMPACT Planning Council.

To provide an evidence-based, culturally competent mental health service to alleviate depressive symptoms and restore social functioning (IMPACT Model).

Target Population
Latino seniors 60 years old and older experiencing signs of depression

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration