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New Purpose

Teresa is the youngest of nine children and a mother of ten. Throughout her life, Teresa gave a lot of time to her family and continues to help by babysitting her 20 great-grandchildren. Teresa and her family were looking for ways for her to enjoy some time on her own. Her sister already attended the UCC Senior Center regularly and invited Teresa to join her. Teresa decided to enroll and attended several days a week until her husband, Jose, became ill.

As a result of his illness, Jose passed away. Teresa also lost her brother and sister around the same time. Teresa turned to the UCC Senior Center for comfort. The time she spent at the center allowed her to breathe and seek comfort in everyday activities. Teresa participates in different activities at the center such as Loteria, dominos, and exercising. She enjoys reminiscing with friends and having a good laugh.

Teresa has a new purpose in life. After raising so many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she can now relax and spend time for herself, enjoying her golden years.