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M A G E N 

A New and Beautiful Life

Since she was a younger girl, Magen suffered from several illnesses that introduced her to pain medications. She would call them her “happy medicine,” without knowing that her addiction was growing. At the age of 18, Magen was prescribed opioids which only fueled this addiction even more. She became a mom at the age of 24 and tried her best to function, yet, she was still on medications. When her medications would run out, Magen would buy more off the street from anyone she could. Her addiction worsened, drained her savings, and she lost the trust of many people in her life. Magen knew she had to stop and prayed that something would force her to stop taking drugs. Her prayers were answered quickly when she found out she was expecting her second child. Immediately, Magen reached out to a friend who was in recovery and quickly enrolled in UCC’s Residential Program for expecting mothers in hopes of finally being clean.

This was Magen’s first time going to a center like UCC. With the help of her counselors, Magen learned how to start anew by using coping skills, dealing with past traumas, and getting to the root of her addiction. Magen enjoyed living in the residential house because she was able to have responsibilities as well as a safe space to share and bond with other people. For the first time in her adult life, Magen knew what it was like to live sober.

Magen is very grateful for all the help UCC provided and the personalized care she received. Since becoming sober, Magen started a business that is thriving and booming. She now lives with her husband and children and is proud to be a functional, sober mom, wife, daughter, friend, and successful business owner.