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L E O N E L I A 

Discovering New Activities

Leonelia (Leo) has been part of the UCC family since 2003 when she participated in the UCC Senior Center. Things were going great at the center and Leo enjoyed the time she spent with others and the activities. Yet, one day she had an incident and found herself lost in her own neighborhood.

The UCC Memory Clinic team helped Leo complete a memory screening and suggested Leo transition to the UCC Adult Day Center (ADC), which provides services designed to meet the needs of those with cognitive impairments. Leo was aware of the program and agreed to start attending the ADC.

At the ADC, Leo enjoys all the craft activities she participates in. She has discovered a new love for art at the age of 94 years of life! Leo also loves to socialize and states that the ADC has been extraordinary for her and her family. She wishes she could bring more people to the ADC because it is a unique place full of life.