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J O A Q U I N 

Learning Independence

When Joaquin first came to UCC's Early Childhood Education Program, one of the main goals his mother and the teachershad for him was to improve his social skills and independence. As an only child, he didn’t have the opportunity to socialize with other children at home. During his first days at Guadalupe South, he tended to isolate himself from the other children and play in an area away from others.

Joaquin's teachers quickly realized the need to integrate him into the group and help him participate in group games and activities. They implemented strategies to teach him teamwork and helped establish a routine for him to learn to use the bathroom on his own.

Juaquin is now a child who comes to school every morning with a smile on his face. He enjoys every moment he spends with his classmates, and is currently developing very well in different academic areas such as math, and language and literacy. Joaquin is very happy to be able to do things for himself like being able to use the bathroom by himself and put on his jacket whenever he wants.

His mother says, “Joaquin has developed in many different ways since joining UCC. Socially he has become more comfortable with children and adults, learning how to behave in different environments. Not only has he learned to go to the bathroom, but he is becoming more independent in everything he does. We are very impressed with his speech development and his ability to retain the knowledge he learns in class."