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Newly Found Skills

Lesley is currently n 8th grader at Bruce-Guadalupe Middle School, although her involvement with UCC started when she was much younger, as part of UCC’s K4 program.

Throughout her tenure at UCC, Lesley proved to be a bright student, but was quiet and reserved. That all started to change when she got involved in the Latino Arts Strings Program and Choir. She quickly found that the ability to express herself through music and being part of these programs helped her become a more confident and self-assured individual. Lesley credits both the community aspect of Choir and the Latino Arts Strings Program as well as the music itself as helping her become the leader she is today.

After starting out the school year on a fairly passive note, she has now become an active voice in the classroom and amongst her peers. Her newly found confidence and leadership skills eventually led her to be nominated for Student Council and earned her a nomination for UCC’s Badger Mutual Wall of Fame.

In the coming year, Lesley will attend the University School of Milwaukee on a full-ride scholarship and has plans of becoming a teacher.